New book from Spencer Overton, "Stealing Democracy"

In the mail today I received a copy of a new book by Spencer Overton, titled “Stealing Democracy: The New Politics of Voter Supression.” This looks to be a provocative and thorough examination of many of the things that continue to ail our electoral process. I’ve only had a chance to skim the book this evening, but after skimming it and reading the materials that came with it, it is clear that Spencer is covering a number of problems: redistricting, a highly decentralized election administration process, minority voter suppression, attacks on the Voting Rights Act, pressures on language-minority voters, and photo identification requirements at polling places.

I hope to be able to give it a thorough read soon, and if I have additional comments, I’ll post them here.

But no matter where you fall on the many dimensions of election reform, this looks like a must-read volume!