California county-level data from "Statement of Vote", 1964-1996

One of the new features of the revamped Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project’s website is a page that will archive datasets that we have been used in VTP research, or in other research on election reform. We just archived there a set of Excel spreadsheets that have some of the county-level data from California “Statements of the Vote” (SOV), in the statewide and presidential general elections from 1964-1996. These data were compiled some time ago, but as I recently had a student who needed these data for a new project we decided to make them available to the research community.

These datasets, as well as others that are being archived as part of the VTP, are available at

If you have datasets that you’d like archived here, or linked to from this page, shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do.