Radio West Show on Electronic Voting

I was on the NPR show “Radio West” which is an interview show on the local NPR affiliate here in Salt Lake City. Here is the show blurb:

The 2000 Presidential election forced officials to rethink the voting process and to begin replacing outdated methods. Critics of new electronic technology worry though about ease of use, security, poll worker training and more. Doug is joined by the University of Utah’s Thad Hall, former Emery County Clerk Bruce Funk and Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swenson for a look at the evolution of electronic voting and the disputes of a developing system.

In addition, Dan Wallach and a representative from Black Box Voting were interviewed as well. The host was very balanced trying to get at the essence of this debate and probe the politics of this issue. It was fun largely because the conversation was rather sober and did not have much of the hysterics that can be associated with discussions of e-voting.

You can here the show by clicking HERE.