Mexico's Federal Electoral Tribunal

There is a very nice story in the AP about the Mexican Federal Electoral Tribunal outlining the choices the Tribunal has. You also realize why it is these people are the highest paid public servants in the country. As the story states:

The judges, who must issue a ruling by Sept. 6, face three choices: declaring a winner, ordering a recount, or annulling the vote. Each could have grave consequences.

If the judges confirm Calderon won the July 2 election, Lopez Obrador is likely to reject the ruling and stage massive protests. The former Mexico City mayor has already held two mass demonstrations since the election, and has called for supporters to fill the capital’s main Zocalo plaza Sunday.

If they order a recount, they risk weakening a law designed to combat fraud by prohibiting ballot boxes from being opened unless there is evidence of irregularities.

If they annul the elections, they will leave Mexico without a president-elect for more than a year, threatening the country’s stability. No candidate has supported annulling the vote.

There is also a nice story on this topic on NPR today as well.