MIT VTP co-director Ted Selker honored for research on accessibility

I’m happy to pass along that my MIT VTP colleague, Ted Selker, recently received a much-deserved award from the American Association of People With Disabilities — their Thomas Paine Award. The MIT press release announcing Ted’s award noted that he received the award for his research that:

… has focused on improving the human interface in voting machines to better orient voters, provide visual cues and feedback and allow voters to double-check choices. He has also created “audio voting” technology that lets voters hear instructions on earphones; he has shown that an “audio trail” is more verifiable than a paper trail. Dickson also praised Selker and the Voting Technology Project ( for developing hard data on voting problems, an alternative to partisan speculation about election follies.

It’s fantastic to see that Ted’s work is receiving such attention from the AAPD — congratulations, Ted!