ID Problems to Come?

The Washington Post has a story today on ID laws and the concerns many have about the likelihood that there will be problems at the polls with voters not having the correct identification. The story has an interesting start, which is below.

On Indiana’s primary day, Representative Julie Carson (Democrat) shoved her congressional identification card in a pocket, ran out of her house and raced down the street to be at her polling site when it opened at 6 a.m. The Democrat, seeking to represent Indianapolis for a sixth term, showed the card to a poll worker, who told her it was unacceptable under a new state law that requires every voter to show proof of identity.

The law compels voters to show an ID, issued by Indiana or the federal government, with a photograph and an expiration date. Carson’s card was for the 109th Congress, but did not say when the session ends. “I just thought I was carrying the right thing — if you have a card that has a picture and shows it is current,” she said.