Whew … getting those Pew proposals done!

Paul beat me to the post I was planning for this morning … today’s the deadline for the Pew proposals!

I’ve had a number of people bug me about why activity on Election Updates has slowed down recently, why research isn’t getting done on time, etc. It’s all of the activity associated with writing these proposals for Pew!

I agree with Paul, from what I’ve heard the Pew RFP is generating a number of very interesting research proposals, and it is also generating a lot of interest from many different sectors of the policy, research, and advocacy communities aimed at building new collaborations. I think that Pew and those behind this recent RFP should be congratulated for initiating this process, which will produce important new work in this area and which promises to produce new communication and collaboration between partners that has simply not happened in the past.

Good luck to everyone who has submitted a proposal. Given the many proposals that I’ve heard about, or are participating in, I know that an enormous amount of hard work has gone into crafting many innovative proposals in the past few months.

Now we can get back to our day jobs!