Fireworks on the Hill over MO Vote Fraud Case

I heard Pat Leahy at today’s hearings, and he literally yelled at U.S. Attorney General Bradley Schlozman. Most of the other Democrats expressed deep skepticism regarding the timing of the case, in the closing states of the heated Senatorial contest between incumbent Jim Talent and Claire McKaskill.

No surprise, really: Schlozman dug his own grave on this one. He publicly boasted about hiring Republicans, and when pressed at the hearing to name even one liberal group that he consulted about hiring, he had nothing to say.

I think this is all just a big plot, but not by the White House: instead, Mike and Thad are pulling the strings, just to pump up sales for their upcoming volume on vote fraud! (Hey, I’d link the table of contents if I could but I can’t find it on the web. What kind of failed self-promoters are my co-bloggers?)