Photos from 2007 OSCE election observation missions

For all the election geeks out there, here is something to keep you busy this weekend. The OSCE has a nice photo archive of their 2007 election observation missions, including their Estonian mission, available on their website. The archive includes a series of great pictures that were taken by Paul DeGregorio, former chair of the EAC; Paul has been involved in many of these recent missions.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the OSCE’s election observation project in the coming weeks, as sometime soon they’ll be releasing their report on the recent Estonian parliamentary election, especially their report focusing on the e-voting component of that recent election. Both the method and substance of their report will be interesting, as I know their mission was tackling important methodological questions (how do you transfer the typical international election monitoring methodologies and protocols to an Internet-run election), as well as their recommendations.

And sometime soon the Council of Europe report that Thad and I have been collaborating on regarding the Estonian parliamentary election will be finalized; of course when that happens we’ll write more about it here! Readers might be interested in looking atthe 2005 report on e-voting in Estonia that the Council of Europe sponsored by our colleagues Alexander Trechsel and Fabian Breuer.