USENIX EVT program now available

The Usenix/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workshop (August 6, 2007) program is now available.

There is a collection of very interesting papers here, and this will be an event well-worth attending. I’m a member of the program committee, which was co-chaired by Ray Martinez and David Wagner. While this was the first time I’ve been on a program committee for a conference that is not directly about social science, I greatly enjoyed the experience. In particular, it was fascinating to read these papers — and those that unfortunately were not able to be included in the program — because there was a lot to learn here. Also, it was fascinating to participate in the deliberations regarding these various papers, a process involving the rest of the program committee, from which I also learned a great deal.

It’s clear that we are moving closer and closer to the goal of developing a new science of elections and voting technologies, but we need to figure out how to capitalize on the momentum developed by collaborations like the EVT program committee (and other recent efforts involving a multidisciplinary cast of participants, like the VTP Vendor Workshop in March). More on that soon.