Time of Voting Decision and NES

Good news: my proposal to the National Election Study to include a set of items querying respondents about voting mode (absentee, in-person early, or at the precinct place) and time of voting decision had made it through to the second round.

I hope, when the NES Commons re-opens for comments, that interested readers will put in a good word.


Dear Paul,

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the first round of reviews of proposals for the 2007-2009 ANES Panel Study (titled “Mode and Time of Ballot Decision”), which was designed to identify proposals whose suggested questions will not be included in our upcoming surveys. And we assume you will consider it good news to learn that your proposal was not triaged, is still alive, and will be included among those to be evaluated in our subsequent rounds of decision-making.

Given the rapidly changing nature of the campaigns and election schedule (e.g., states deciding to move the dates of their primaries, and candidates joining and dropping out of the race), we cannot know very far in advance exactly how long certain parts of the questionnaire will take to administer. Therefore, it is wise to retain flexibility about the content of each wave of the panel study.

To preserve this flexibility, we will make final decisions about questionnaire content as late as possible, and we will announce an official list of winning proposals after the questionnaires have been finalized.

Thank you again for your proposal to include items on the ANES Panel Study. We are grateful for the time and effort you have devoted towards the project and hope to provide data that you will consider to be useful to your research program.


Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia

ANES Principal Investigators