Database on E-Voting Uses Worldwide

Did you ever ask yourself how many voters participated in the 2000
ICANN at large election?

Over the past 1 year I worked together with Stefan Triessnig and Daniel Botz on putting a WIKI-style database online, where everybody can document e-voting uses, trials, etc.

We have come with more than 228 E-Voting uses in our database. Currently it’s mainly European-focused, so we need the help of the US-community to include your continent’s experience in e-voting as well.

You can use the website in many ways. If you want information on a country?s
experiences just add the top level domain to the URL so i.e. for Germany.

If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to the RSS-Feed at

At the VOTE-ID-2007 conference I had a paper with the first analysis of the db’s data. you can download it here.
I’m happy to receive feedback on this initiative at