Estimates of new voters in California: "Integration Potential of California's Immigrants and Their Children"

A report was recently issued by the Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees, “Integration Potential of California’s Immigrants and Their Children: New Estimates of Potential New Voters at the State, County, and Legislative District Levels.” The study provides estimates of the populations of naturalized adult immigrants, legal immigrants eligible to naturalize, and the children of immigrants who are U.S. citizens and will soon be adults (and thus be eligible to vote). A couple of the estimates in the report are quite interesting:

  1. By 2012, the report estimates that the 7.7 million immigrants and their adult children will make up 29% of California’s eligible electorate.
  2. There are currently 6.5 million naturalized or eligible-for-naturalization immigrants in California.
  3. There are 1.2 million children of immigrants who will be eligible to vote in future California elections.

And estimates of these populations are provided in the report for counties and legislative districts.