Oh Baby….Baby…..Vote for Me…..Please….

OK, so sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Not only is Bill Clinton going to kick Gronke’s ass in Oregon, but when Gronke is recovering, he can call up and find out about voting in Oregon….from really really hot babes!

It turns out that being off one digit on an 800 number really makes a difference — you go from Oregon election information to, well, phone sex.

Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury has gone into the phone sex business.

Not really, but because of a glitch in Bradbury’s office, Oregonians seeking information about the May 20 primary might get that impression. A letter from Bradbury in the state Voters’ Pamphlet urges them to call an 800 telephone number for assistance.

Callers to that number are directed to call another 800 number that promises “an exciting new way to go live one on one with hot . . . girls” and invites the caller to provide a credit card number.