Some absentee voters in LA County get incorrect ballot

This story was in the Pasadena Star News this weekend, “A new ballot slip-up surfaces; cross-over voters get wrong ballot”.

Here’s a summary of the issue from the story:

Non-partisan voters who requested absentee ballots for the Republican or Democratic primaries have instead received non-partisan ballots that do not list any partisan candidates.

Officials with the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office said they are aware of and are addressing the problem, which has affected approximately 3,000 so-called “crossover” non-partisan voters.

Registrar officials said they have already sent out the correct ballots and that those non-partisan voters affected should receive them in time to cast their votes in the June primary.

The error resulted from a computerized glitch that sent out non-partisan ballots based on the voter’s preference at the time of the last election – while ignoring their more recent request for a crossover ballot, said Efrain Escobedo, the registrar’s executive liaison.

“We received a couple calls from voters and our quality control caught it,” said Escobedo.

He added that corrected ballots with an explanatory note and new sample ballot booklet were sent out to all the affected voters Friday. He said that the glitch affected only 3,000 of the roughly 560,000 vote-by-mail ballots that the county has sent out so far.