Voting Problems Nationwide

Charles Stewart posted a few sites below that offer continuing coverage of voting problems.  One of these, Our Vote Live, has a color-coded map that gives the number of reported problems in each state.  If you click on each state you can get a break down by county, and you can look at the number and types of problems for each state and county.  They have NY reporting the most problems (4,085.), with CA coming in next (2,973).  In both states registration problems are the most common types of problem reported, as opposed to ID, absentee voting, voter intimidation, poll workers, etc.  Obviously these are highly populated states, whereas North and South Dakota both have less than 10 reported problems.  Although this is self-reported data that is subject to error and bias, it still provides a very interesting break down of what is going on across the nation.

Inés and Janell