Alaska, by wave

Counting in Alaska is finished for the day, and it looks like Begich now has an insurmountable lead that will withstand anything that comes in the remaining overseas ballots.

The following is the count, by wave of ballot counting over the past two weeks:

               Begich    Stevens   Bird      Votes
Election Day    46.6%     48.1%    4.0%     221,713
12-Nov          50.5%     43.4%    4.2%      57,124
14-Nov          46.6%     45.2%    5.7%      14,508
18-Nov-a        51.4%     42.0%    4.8%      14,242
18-Nov-b        55.6%     38.7%    3.6%       7,986

(apologies for the formatting).  This last round was overwhelmingly Democratic, coming from the most Democratic part of the state, and these being early votes, which were the Democratic favored mode in Alaska, as in the rest of the country.