Election Administration / Reform Day in Chicago

I don’t know if it was purposeful or not, but Thursday April 2nd is shaping up to be election reform / election administration day at the Midwest Political Science Association meeting in Chicago.

The link above will take you to the conference page and you can search by section.  There are far too many papers to list here but I will highlight some sections.  I have starred the ones of special interest to election reform scholars.  The links should take you right to the panel.  I’m sure Mike, Thad, and Charles may have some to add.

Thursday 8-9:40
Election Experiences ** (First Hall and Alvarez appearance, along with Stewart, Ansolabehere, this looks like a Pew/MIT election administration survey panel)
Assessing the 2008 American National Elections
The Politics of Fear and Trust (My paper on voter confidence is here)

Thursday 10-11:40
Context and Voting (second Hall appearance)

Thursday 2:25-4:25
Turnout – Demographics
Trust, Euphoria, and Punishment ** (Thad isn’t there a limit on appearances??)

Thursday 4:45-6:25
Turnout-Voting Laws and Election Administration ** (Voter ID, Vote centers, lines)

On Friday:

Friday, 12:45
Tools for Voter Mobilization **