If you go to just one panel at MPSA it must be this one … I hear that Markovits and Spencer paper is da bomb …

22-3 Turnout – Voting Laws and Election Administration
Date: Thursday, April 2 4:45 pm
Chair(s): Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin
Paper(s): Lines at Polling Stations: Observations from an Election Day Field Study
This paper attempts to understand how and why long lines form at a polling place. It uses new data collected during California’s 2008 Presidential Primary Election by observing voter behavior inside 30 California polling places.
Douglas M. Spencer, University of California, Berkeley
Zachary S. Markovits, Pew Center on the States
The Effects of Election Day Vote Centers on Voter Turnout and Satisfaction
In this project we evaluate the impact of Election Day vote centers on voter turnout and satisfaction in the 2008 elections.
Robert M. Stein, Rice University
Greg Vonnahme, University of Alabama
The Voter ID Mess: Estimating the Effects of State Voter ID laws on Voter Turnout and Self-Reported Voting Irregularities
I analyze the effects of state voter ID laws on voter turnout and voting irregularities from 2000-2008.
Jeff Milyo, University of Missouri
Discussant(s): Barry Burden, University of Wisconsin

In all seriousness, I am looking forward to all three of these presentations. Should be a great panel.