Electronic delivery of election information: Is there an app for that?

Rick Hasen blogged on a recent study out of the Pew Center on the States which examined cost savings related to and voter attitudes about electronic delivery of election information.  (Click here for the Ventura County Star story.)

My first reaction was “great” but my second reaction was “wait, is there an app for that?”  I am a big fan of email delivery of long paper documents which have short term utility, like mutual fund reports, shareholder statements, even some journal articles!  But I am increasingly accessing these materials through an iPad or other mobile device.  I wonder if any local jurisdictions or states are thinking ahead of the curve, and contemplating not just electronic delivery via email, but electronic notification of new content that can be accessed via an RSS feed or dedicated “Elections App.”  For an increasing number of users, that’s a much more flexible way to get to information, rather than using an email interface.