Absentee ballot mobilization underway in Florida

Rick Perry robocalls targeted at absentee balloters: http://bit.ly/AfHP9G

The total number of absentee ballots in Florida exceeds the number of votes cast in NH and caucus goers in IA, and are double 2008 levels.  Thus far, 46,000 ballots have been returned: http://thesent.nl/yKaAEn

The time and place of Florida early in person voting: http://election.dos.state.fl.us/pdf/Early_Voting_Sites_PPP_2012.pdf

Page at the FL SoS office explaining the odd legal situation whereby you can obtain early voting reports but not no-excuse absentee reports: https://doe.dos.state.fl.us/fvrscountyballotreports/fvrsefilings.aspx