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The Primaries in the Semantic Web – US Election Monitor 2008

Now as the primaries heat up, I would like to point you to a project by my colleague Arno Scharl from the Modul University here in Vienna, Austria. It’s the a follow up to the Election Monitor he did for the 2004 presidential elections.

He uses semantic web technology to analyze both the attention and sentiments given to candidates in online media (news, blogs, etc.) worldwide – it can also be segmented by countries (US, CA, UK, AU/NZ) as well as different types of media (news, political blogs).

For example you can compare the attention given to Clinton in comparison to Obama. While the attention for the latter stays the same over the past, Clinton still getting the most attention is loosing attraction for the media. Unfortunately we have to wait for the next update (due tomorrow) to include the results of the first primaries in this analysis. It gives quite a good insight, so be sure to check it out.