NDI publishes >Monitoring Electronic Technologies in Electoral Processes: An NDI Guide for Political Parties and Civic Organizations<

I had the chance to review an earlier version of the manuscript – it gives a good introduction on the tough job on how to observe and monitor implementations of technology in the electoral process. This overview can serve as a good starting point for looking into the interdisciplinary issues involved and gives an overview on the international legal instruments that can help doing so.

From the guide’s abstract:

“This Guide will serve as a practical guide for nonpartisan monitors and political competitors. It will outline the various applications of electronic technologies in the election process, the critical points where transparency and access are needed to verify the integrity of the technologies, and common techniques for verifying their integrity.

The specific objective of the Guide is to increase the understanding of civil society and political party leaders regarding: (a) what access and transparency measures to demand to establish safeguards concerning electronic electoral technologies; and (b) what skills their organizations will need to develop to verify the integrity of electronic electoral technologies.”

Please contact Laura Grace (lgrace@ndi.org) from NDI for obtaining a copy.