Springer Proceedings LNCS 4896 E-Voting and Identity

Following the successful VOTE-ID conference in Bochum last year, the conference chairs, Ammar Alkassar and Melanie Volkamer managed to accomplish very interesting post proceedings to appear the in the prestigious LNCS series from Springer publications.

The following articles are included:

The Development of Remote E-Voting Around the World: A Review of Roads and Directions
Robert Krimmer, Stefan Triessnig und Melanie Volkamer

  • Remote Voting Schemes: A Comparative Analysis
    Jordi Puiggali und Victor Morales-Rocha
  • Internet-Voting: Opportunity or Threat for Democracy?
    Emmanuel Benoist, Bernhard Anrig und David-Olivier Jaquet-Chiffelle
  • Assessing Procedural Risks and Threats in e-Voting: Challenges and an Approach
    Komminist Weldemariam, Adolfo Villafiorita und Andrea Mattioli
  • Compliance of RIES to the Proposed e-Voting Protection Profile
    Hugo Jonker und Melanie Volkamer
  • Compliance of POLYAS with the BSI Protection Profile ? Basic Requirements for Remote Electronic Voting Systems
    Kai Reinhard und Wolfgang Jung
  • Electronic Voting in Belgium: Past and Future
    Danny De Cock und Bart Preneel
  • The Digital Voting Pen at the Hamburg Elections 2008: Electronic Voting Closest to Conventional Voting
    Joerg Arzt-Mergemeier, Willi Beiss und Thomas Steffens
  • The Security Analysis of e-Voting in Japan
    Hiroki Hisamitsu und Keiji Takeda
  • Bingo Voting: Secure and Coercion-Free Voting Using a Trusted Random Number Generator
    Jens-Matthias Bohli, Jörn Müller-Quade und Stefan Röhrich
  • Enhancing the Trust and Perceived Security in e-Cognocracy
    Joan Josep Piles, José Luis Salazar, José Ruíz und José María Moreno-Jiménez
  • Simulation-Based Analysis of E2E Voting Systems
    Olivier de Marneffe, Olivier Pereira und Jean-Jacques Quisquater
  • A Simple Technique for Safely Using Punchscan and Prêt à Voter in Mail-In Elections Stefan Popoveniuc und David Lundin
  • Threat Analysis of a Practical Voting Scheme with Receipts
    Sebastien Foulle, Steve Schneider, Jacques Traoré und Zhe Xia
  • Secure Internet Voting with Code Sheets
    Jörg Helbach und Jörg Schwenk
  • CodeVoting Protection Against Automatic Vote Manipulation in an Uncontrolled Environment
    Rui Joaquim und Carlos Ribeiro

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