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OVF Summit 2008

From 3rd to 4th of April the Overseas Voter Foundation will host its second annual summit to discuss

  • The power of the Internet to democratize voting information and access to all US citizens around the globe;
  • Military and Overseas Voters Speak Out: What are the challenges and how can we tackle them?
  • Internet Voting: The potential of online, Internet-based Voting for UOCAVA voters and reservations surrounding its implementation
  • The Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act: A critical discussion on the current UOCAVA legislation and the issues for states, election officials and voters surrounding the Act.
  • Reaching out to New UOCAVA Voters: Strategies and Actions for 2008: Paving new ways to reach the globally dispersed overseas contingent
  • How Other Countries Help Their Expatriates Vote: What can we learn from these various examples?

I’ve been invited to the summit in Munich, Germany to participate in a debate pro & con of Internet voting for citizens abroad. For sure this will be a perfect opportunity to discuss the results of the primaries and their experiments with internetvoting.

Besides me also Melanie Volkamer from the University of Passau will participate – any others are welcome to join in!