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Overseas voting and the Internet

Kudos to Michael for the links to overseas voting systems in other countries.  If you read between the lines–or maybe read more directly Alvarez and Hall’s book on electronic elections–Mike’s implication is clear.  Fixing overseas citizen and military voting may finally move us toward a secure system of internet voting.

That was the sense I had from the National Assocation of Secretaries of State (NASS) and National Assocation of State Elections Directors (NASED) meeting: many states are considering some internet-based solution to the UOCAVA problem.

Methinks the time may be ripe for a second edition of Mike and Thad’s book.

OVF Summit 2008

From 3rd to 4th of April the Overseas Voter Foundation will host its second annual summit to discuss

  • The power of the Internet to democratize voting information and access to all US citizens around the globe;
  • Military and Overseas Voters Speak Out: What are the challenges and how can we tackle them?
  • Internet Voting: The potential of online, Internet-based Voting for UOCAVA voters and reservations surrounding its implementation
  • The Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting Act: A critical discussion on the current UOCAVA legislation and the issues for states, election officials and voters surrounding the Act.
  • Reaching out to New UOCAVA Voters: Strategies and Actions for 2008: Paving new ways to reach the globally dispersed overseas contingent
  • How Other Countries Help Their Expatriates Vote: What can we learn from these various examples?

I’ve been invited to the summit in Munich, Germany to participate in a debate pro & con of Internet voting for citizens abroad. For sure this will be a perfect opportunity to discuss the results of the primaries and their experiments with internetvoting.

Besides me also Melanie Volkamer from the University of Passau will participate – any others are welcome to join in!